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My light foot falls didn't make a noise as I moved up behind you getting a closer look at you with a smirk my arms were wrapped around your mouth on y...ur neck as I grinned nibbling on your neck lightly my mouth trailing up towards your ear as I bite down and tug on your soft earlobe getting a moan from your mouth.My hands slowly slid along the sides of your body feeling your smooth skin on my fingertips loving every inch of your body as my hands slid up along the bumps of your spine slowly. Smoking weed always relaxed me and got me feeling a little kinky while at the same time Julie always got very horny in a quiet, submissive way. Whenever we got high we had incredible sex and Julie was always willing to try anything I suggested.It was actually our love of smoking grass and our lack of cash that led directly to our first sexual adventure. We usually got our weed from one of our neighbors, Lamont, who was an older Jamaican man in his 40’s. He used to work at the college but. AND SAID LE ME GET READY, WHAT TIME ARE YOU GOING. I YELLED HE WOULD BE HERE AROUND 7. IT WAS NOW 6:45 YOU HAVE 15 MINUTES TO GET READY. I FINISHED GETTING READY I HAD ON A FIFTY’S STYLE PIN STRIPED SUITE BLACK PENNY LOAFERS WITH THE PENNY IN THEM. I WENT IN TO SEE IF SHE WAS READY SHE HAD JUST CAME OUT OF THE SHOWER AND SHE HAD NOTHING ON NOT EVEN A TOWEL I GOT A FULL VIEW OF HER SHE WAS GORGEOUS. I STOOD THERE AS SHE WALKED BY AND SHE REACHED UP AND PUSHED MY MOUTH CLOSED. SHE SAID SOMETHING. "Of course - are you in some kind of trouble? You've been attacked by some bloody man or men, haven't you? Bastards - all of them! We can get the police if you like and I'm sure we can find something for you to wear!" No. I'm deliberately naked. Too long a story to bore you with. I'm nearly home - all I want is to get warm enough to tackle the last lap."At this a fussy and harassed-looking man, holding a clip board, came bustling up to them."Come on everybody! Time to shoot this bloody scene.

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