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"You a girl", he gushed and I could feel him pull my foot to the gap, as his body dropped to the toilet floor and his face came hard up against the ga..., and he was looking up at me, naked from my waist down and with a steely grip on my ankle."Come here little girl" he said thickly. By now my foot was under the gap and the hard edge was digging hard into my shin, and the pain shot up my leg, as a distraction, he now reached in and got hold of my other ankle, now I was on the floor, being pulled. It was a wonderful sight, and what wonderful memories of the orgasms she had, and the climax I had achieved. I basked in the glories of the memory for a moment only before realizing that something was different, some thing had changed in the room. I gazed around the room trying to focus my sleep blurred eyes and then I saw what was different, Mako was standing a few feet from the foot of the bed where my legs still hung from the edge at the knee, my large flaccid penis laying. " Is there any chance this could hurt her?" David asked pointedly.I turned to Anya. "Anya, you remember what it felt like when I gave you that hour long orgasm, right?"She nodded her head and winced at the memory."It won't last as long as that and it probably won't hurt, but I can't tell you it won't hurt. The intensity of the feelings required to destroy the loop will be rather severe, but we aren't talking about orgasm or even lust. This will be Love. Love hurts... it's an old cliché but it. My cousin sis Rekha, who is 5 years elder to me was also sleeping in my mom’s room. So I was kind of worried about how to progress. But i had made up my mind that I will make some progress tonight. I went to room with mom and slept on her bed. My cousin sister was sleeping on the bed which was laid on the floor.At around 1 AM , when everyone was asleep , I touched my mom to see if she was awake , I pushed her , pinched her , but there was no response … So I got courageous and decided to.

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