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She was telling off colored jokes, walking very provocatively around the apartment, bumping into some of the guys quite on purpose. As the evenin... wore on we all played cards, listened to music and we danced with our mates and others until late in the night. The party was great but the other couples had to leave due to work the next day.My friend, my wife and I continued to consume alcohol and my wife would dance with he and I until she had drank so much that she was wobbly and ready to. He caught her full lower lip and sucked and nipped, his blood beginning a fast boil when she moaned into his mouth. He took her lips then with a vicious open-mouthed kiss, his tongue delving into the wet heat of hers to claim and ravage. The hand John had at Allie's back moved with a mind of its own, first gripping her hip, then moving around to cup her full ass and press her against his delighted cock. John felt her arch her body into his, the erect tips of her breasts rubbing deliciously. Main: Teri toh puri saaf hai…Teri choot ki malai chatne me toh bahut maja ayega.Mami: Aaj tak tere mama ne bhi meri choot nahi chati aur tu kaise chalega,mujhe sharam aa rahi hai.Main: Aaj toh teri choot ki malai ko pi jaunga.Main mami ki choot ko sungne laga. Choot ki khushboo se toh main jaise behosh sa ho raha tha. Maine mami ki dono tange phaila di. Aur mera mooh uski choot ke upar tha. Pehle maine upar se uski saree choot chat le saaf kar di. Varsha mami ki choot maine mere hathose phaila. It was only twenty minutes of drive i realized that my vision is becoming blurry and i stopped the car, jyothi was all high with alcohol and had no idea whats happening to me , she wanted to go back and dance in between those hungry wolves.As i was washing my face with water which i keep in the car i saw two cars stopped next to us. I was amazed to see my friends dad and his friends , they were 8 in total, he offered helped and in joy forced me to gulp down a quarter of rum, now i was gone with.

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