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And after an hour of chasing, the transport realized it could not reach the stable edges of the system before their stern was shot into oblivion. They...cut their plasma engines, dropped their shields and struck their colors. The xebecs did likewise, lest they face a slow and painful starvation. Vynn sat back in her command throne with the largest of smiles on her lips as the crew hollered themselves hoarse. When Janus returned with his four hundred and eighty nine men – several had died while. She got up and said she was going for a lay down in the bedroom, and as she disappeared thorough the doors she turned and beckoned and whispered two minutes.I barely waited the two minutes before l followed her, she was in the bed with a sheet over her, I could see the outline of her slim body under, I pulled the sheet back, all she had on was a big smile, I took off my trunks and climbed into bed.We kissed, Kim took hold of my hard cock and gently rubbed it, I started to kiss her all over I. My tongue licked her hot button. She was bouncing her hips insanely. Her head whipped back and forth as mewing sounds came from her mouth. Her juices flowed copiously which I lapped up hungrily. "Oh, God, oh God, " she cried. "Fuck me Tony please, Give me your cock! I need it! I need it bad!! Its been such a long time."That was all the invitation I needed. Her juices dripped off my chin as I quickly mounted her. I grabbed her thighs, spread them as wide as they'd go, and pushed my cock into her. My butt hurts when I move. But I've got to go in and use the toilet. I feels like you deposited a couple of gallons in me."I got up and supported Les on her way to the bathroom. "I can make it from here. This probably isn't going to be pretty."She pushed the door closed and I heard her grunting as she went back to the toilet. Then I heard Les scream in pain.I wasn't going to stay in the hallway for that. I pushed the door open and rushed in. Les had her hand on the back of the toilet, trying to.

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