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But what happens when that girl, the only girl I am actually properly, truly in love with is the only girl in the world I can’t be with? What happen... then, Tills?” “What?” she said softly. “What happens when the only girl in the world I want to be with, is the only girl in the world I can’t be with. Ellie, Paige, whoever. They’re not the girl I want. And you say you were jealous, well seeing you walking away with Dillon, well that made me jealous. The thought of another boy touching. His buttocks were very, very muscular, his long, lean frame glistened with sweat.She saw his balls dangling between his legs, as he placed his mammoth prick against her mother's glistening pink meat. Cathy thought she would faint with the hot excitement that coursed through her young body. She saw his massive shaft start to disappear, as he plunged it into her mother's cunt. "Oooh, unh! That feels so good," her mother gasped. "Oh, Bob, put it all the way in, ooh!" The words her mother was. In ropes and skeins and spurtings, it splattered all over my innocent naked body until I looked like the looser in a nude tapioca-hurling contest. ‘All right, boys,’ I addressed them, wiping slimy cum from my eyes, ‘you made me messy. Now you are going to have to get me clean.’” “And so?” I asked. “That’s all there was to the fantasy,” she explained. “I never really fantasized about sex at that age. I just fantasized about being sexy.” “You don’t have to fantasize about that anymore,” I told. Her eyes closed as we silently kissed, trying not to move too much and wake up the people sleeping around us. As we broke our embrace, we laid there and looked at each other, knowing without speaking what was on our minds. It was strange how comfortable she made me feel like this, and any thought of her age, possible consequences, or otherwise important things holding me back the whole night slipped my mind. I kissed her again, a little more tenderly this time, letting her know that this wasn’t.

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