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.." But what good is blaming yourself going to do?" Who else can I blame?" He snapped. "Not Cologne. She told me it'd bedangerous and I said to go for...it. I jumped at the chance to cure mycurse, just like I always do. And same as always, I got screwed over."Akane's temper started to rise and she fought to control it. She couldn'tkeep the irritation out of her voice as she answered him though. "Listen,Ranma, you can make up all the excuses you want but you're going to haveto face her sooner or. All who want to see what is going on, and what we stand for, come and see for themselves."The newscast returned to the confused anchorman.The camerawoman put down her camera, and walked over to John. "Hey, are you okay? You kinda freaked out there."John looked at the three goddesses, then smiled at his Asian partner. "Oh yes, Lisa. I am just fine."The three Ladies looked at each other, then nodded. Leslie spoke. "We'd like to show you both a few things inside. You can tape them for your ten. Shame there was only two of us, we tried to getothers to make up the four but nobody fancied it.What was the reason behind this? Richie was.Richie had been my best friend for years, ever since the first year ofsenior school (the British equivalent of High School). During that timehe'd spent most of it dating the same girl. Becca. Now some woulddescribe Becca as the perfect girl. She was beautiful in an effortlesskind of way. Long blonde hair, blue eyes and a body that was so inproportion to her. The day I met her I knew it had to be her and no one. I always had cuckold fantasies and I knew that my gf would be the only one who can fulfill my fantasies.We started dating and she was pretty horny but inexperienced from the start. I started teaching her things and slowly, she became more and more lewd. She used to take my hand and squeeze her boobs whenever her mother used to leave us alone.We did pretty nasty things when we were alone in her room, but that didn’t satisfy me. I knew the.

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