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She took her medical bag out of the car and made sure there was nothing in the pickup that could invite a thief while the pickup was on the dealer's l...t. Carol walked to the barn. "I found some tools and nails so I started fixing some of the things that I saw needed repair," he said. Carol saw that the repairs were done in a professional manner and realized that she had been letting the place slide for quite a while. "You're getting to be quite a rancher," she smiled. "I feel at home here," he. ’When I looked a little hesitatingly at her, she carried on.‘Look, nobody here knows that I’m your Mom. You resemble your Father more than me. I mean you’re almost a foot taller than I am, and you have his brown hair and hazel eyes. Providing that you didn’t actually call me Mom it would be easy to fool them all. And besides, neither of us is likely to see any of them again.’I still looked doubtful, but I recognised the stern look on Mom’s face which meant that she was determined to have her. "I'm not too keen on the idea but I'm not sure I have much choiceeither," Matt said and then added, "And I hate sitting on cold wetsheets." I know and from now on you won't have to," Helen said and then added,"As for eating." Just don't tell me you're thinking of baby bottles," Matt saidlaughing."Okay, I wasn't. We'll just hand you one when the time comes," Helensaid."You've got to be kidding me," Matt said."It's the only thing we can think of. They are telling us worst casemaybe eight days.. She took my dick in her hand and placed it near her pussy I started fucking her.We fucked it many positions whole night.She woke up at 5 in the morning and woke me.We had another session and cleaned ourselves and dressed.She was totally satisfied with my cock.She gave a compliment that my life partner was really lucky to have me on bed.I told thank you and said your also co-operative and fucking sexy to have you in bed.Finally we had a deep french kiss before our destination came.We exchanged.

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