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Smiling a moment Derrick could think of a million things he'd like her to do but they were just things that wouldn't really help in the coming days. ...No not at this time, but please have all defenses ready I want everything checked and rechecked I fear there was a traitor or two in the court. I fear that there may be sabotage to your systems." Derrick ordered. Mary was shocked a moment but started to check, "it will be done sire." "When I call to confirm, let me know what you have found, then. This is not to prevent you from seeing me, but to keep any visual impressions from interfering with your treatment. Of course, you will also have to strip down completely. Keep your dentures though, as they might not fit afterwards if you don't."I did as I was told, not without strong misgivings, experiencing a stab of despair as I shed my clothes and put on the blindfold. No sign of bashful Alfred, though. As he had said, I was able to make out faint distinctions between light and shadows,. My cock hadn't even gone down much and was covered in Sam's juices. I was at least conscious this time and watched Dr Steinberg take in the scene, as he started to load needles up with drugs.He started injecting and said to my mother, in a rather detached voice, 'Get the girls out of here, and clean up your son otherwise we will all be in very big strife when the ambulance and Police arrive'At my father's description of my condition, Dr Steinberg had called for a Police escort for the. With their limited mobility they called so I could assist.as I said before Nadine and I developed a good rapport. she was in the wheelchair due not receiving a polio vaccine so her legs were practically useless with barely any muscle structure. her cognitive skills were excellent and she graduated high school so our conversations were lively and innocent at least in the beginning. I'm not sure how we got into the conversation of sex but we talked about on several occasions. she had had sex with.

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