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Though Kimberly had convinced herself that her staring at her own image in the mirror had not been planned, it too had been occurring more and more la...ely. She blamed the heat of the August day, and it was hot, well over ninety. She had been cleaning up in the kitchen when her own body heat had become unbearable, soaking her shorts and T-shirt with slick sweat. After stripping and tossing the clothes into the laundry, she was going back to her bedroom when she passed herself in the mirror.. Daddy musta missed her too, 'cause he'd say, 'Darlin', you look so much like your momma, I just wanna marry you.' “Well, after Momma died, Daddy moved us from the country of Dahlonega, Georgia to the big city of Atlanta. I hated the city. It was loud, smoggy, noisy. I couldn't bring my horses, neither. God, I miss my horses even now! He moved us into this cramped up ole shack of an apartment building in downtown. He said that it'd be better for me. I think he just wanted to get the memories of. I said, "So there you have it. Four against one."Jake looked more serious now. He said sternly, "It's not going to happen. Maybe I could get you a repeat of each girl but even then..." We don't need your approval," I replied sternly."Jason..." said Lauren to get my attention. It sounded like a warning.I looked over. She fake spanked her ass. Jake didn't see her do it."The revolution begins today," I said, "Or the girls will not let any guy put his cock into their cunts for the rest of the. We have on board 1000 per-fab shelters and warehouses.We start clearing woodlands and setting up buildings; drilling wells for water and setting up our waste disposal plant. As we get homes and facilities up more and more people come down from Enterprise and Constellation. Our little village is growing into a small city and it is surprising how well everyone is getting along. Solara has found 9 of her friends from school with their spouses and children and there are 22 couples from.

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