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He thought he had that all worked out. But his one big problem was how to keep this all on the 'downlow' from his ex-wife. He still had much to work o...t."Daddy?" Amanda called out. "You make GREAT coffee! When I go back to Milwaukee, how will I ever survive?"Carl came back into the kitchen. They both were thinking about her impending departure."I know, sweets, tell your mom that the latest craze out here is special coffee, ground a certain way, and drip brewed. Maybe she will let you have. One small cut on the left thigh, one on the right… A slightly longer drag of the blade… When I started I was closer to your knees, but now each poke and slice brings me closer to your pussy. I lay the blade against your cunt lips, not cutting, but so you can feel the cold metal against your clit. Without any real warning I lift your legs and push them back over your head, as far as they’ll go. Your blindfolded face is framed neatly by the backs of your knees, and your legs have little trails of. It was the first time he had a look at her back in the swimsuit -- and was surprised to see a large and elaborate black tattoo there: a pair of cattails blowing in the wind, all done in black. The pods were up just below her left shoulder; the stalks curved well onto her right side before they turned back to the center. Just judging from the curve as it dove below the swimsuit, it looked like the stalks would come out of the crack of her ass. Several leaves took that windblown curve halfway up. All he could think of was her standing there naked when he won. He sank the eleven ball and then his eyes opened wide. Ashley’s balls– all seven of them– were arranged so that there was no way he could hit the eight ball. He tried using extreme spin with a bounce off the far rail, but it was still a scratch.“Damn!” he said loudly.“I win!” Ashley bubbled. Then she looked at him, smiled, and said, “You want to go double or nothing again?”“Same rules?” he asked firmly.“Same rules,” Ashley replied..

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