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He was about to cum, and there was nothing the great detective could do about it. He tried conjuring up the two images that usually helped him retain ...enile control: Whatsin's ear hairs, and the Queen Mum taking a bath. Both failed.Homes was unloading. He yelled out, "Here I cum, for the Queen Mum!" The two men watched as Maizie's cheeks puffed out, and she gurgled, sounding as if she was being drowned.Then they hard her moan, sounding appreciative it seemed, as if she was being fed mother's. "Do you understand what I am suggesting," said Dr Theobald."You want my son to become a woman?" she asked. "Is that possible?" Well, medically no," he said. "There is gender reassignment surgery, ofcourse, but I am not suggesting that. Just the concealment of his malegender. His testicles would be pushed up and his penis stitched back sothat he looked female down there, and he would toilet as a woman would.His penis would not be there to trigger his return to either of thesehighly. "What's the matter Gerry?" I want you to just hold me in your arms, I don't want any sex, just comfort, could you do that for me please?" She asked."Are you going to trust me that far, you are a very attractive woman you know, and I am a virile chap? Are you willing to take that chance?" I asked her."I think you are more gallant that you think you are," she told me."Come on then get in out of the cold," I said.She quickly snuggled up against me and I could feel her now unrestricted breasts. ”She went to the next room. Jake recognized equipment from Harris’s torture room.“This is for sadists. We have another room set up for masochists. That one is better equipped, including some implements I don’t trust the sadists to use on the talent.”“How do you keep the sadists from using too much force?”“We try to have a second girl in the room to supervise. If the client resists then we watch especially closely. All rooms have intercoms. Security can ask the client to restrain himself. If.

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