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“Now, we’re are running a little late and must be there before the others, so let’s go. We can discuss this shit later.” Veronica ordered.We f...llowed them to their car and of course both of us were still naked. They had us sit in the back and put blind folds over our eyes. They didn’t want us to know where we were going or how to get there. George drove and Veronica sat in the front with him. I couldn’t tell where we were, even if I tried to count the stops and turns we made, I could never. I put her bra around her midriff and clasped the hooks, turned the bra cups to the front side and asked her to put the right bra strap on to her right shoulder. She was bit tensed, not sure how to do it without exposing her boobs to me.Son: Can you raise your right hand?Mom: HmmWhile she was thinking, I took her right hand and raised it.Mom: Son, wait. My towel will fall (with some worry).She immediately used her left hand to hold the towel. Now the towel is just holding her BIG boobs. I put. I was going to enjoy this shower so much I was hot, sticky and felt dirty from the trip. I turn on the shower and adjust the temperature then step in taking my stuff in with me. It felt so good to step into the shower and let the water run over me. I had grown up on the coast and spent a lot of time in the water so I loved showers and baths. Showers were my favorite because I used to swim in rivers so lots of running water. I decided to shave my under arms,. It will give us time to get the two of them started and then we can pick up one more just as the busy season getsgoing,’ Tom suggested. ‘Do they all look like winners?’ ‘Hey, Tom, we’re talking B.C.I.T. here!’ Robbie laughed. ‘You have doubts?’ ‘OK, let’s set up the interviews as soon as we can. I don’t want to lose any of them between now and graduation.’ T ‘I’ll look after it. Any particular timing?’ ‘Yeah, tomorrow!’ Tom grinned. ‘Naw, but as soon as you can. I’ll make sure I’m available..

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