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The lady stood and turned around with a big smile on her face.My sisters and I stopped suddenly and our mouth’s dropped open. We all looked at Mom ...hen back at Kim. They were both smiling and Mom said” just so you know we have talked with Kim’s husband Dave and your Dad about this. We didn’t understand what she was talking about at the time. The three of us were still standing frozen like statures. Except for the fact that Kim had shoulder length blond hair and Mom had longer brown hair. I open every door for her, including my car. She is almost acting as if I should be doing this by not thanking me, which is fine by me. I take her to a very popular night club. As you can imagine a girl like her draws major attention to herself in any room she walks in. She quickly heads to the dance floor and grabs my hand to take me with her. For over fourty minutes she grinds on my cock. I am holding her waist trying to control her movements. I start thinking of all the huge black cocks that. "I wasn't paying atten... "She never finished her sentence since only the three girls I had recruited that day were currently in the room."Where's Tim?" she asked them.They just sat there and smiled sweetly at her, then just as Jennifer tried to probe them, I touched her shoulder which made her jump a foot off the ground."HOW did you sneak up on me!" she said, half amazed, half irritated."You already depend on your abilities too much, sweetie," I said attempting to give her a wicked kiss."Now. F.G I wanted him inside me."Are you OK?" yes"he sounded so timid but in his place I think I would be freaking out too.."How turned on are you Dan? Would you fuck me if i let you?" yes i would love to"I slid back onto his cock, it was resting right up against my pussy and I could feel him trying to push it in, I could let him inside me but if he shot his load inside me he could get me pregnant! I was due my period in the next few days.I pushed down, taking him all the way inside, I pushed all.

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