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"Put it in where Dot?" I asked."Where you have it just now, please," she continued to plead."No you tell me where to put it." In my cunt, no your cunt... now," she replied.I just leant forward and the head stretched her love passage to house it."Oh Duncan, you are big, you have stretched me more than Samuel ever did." Dot that is only the head you have another eight inches to go." I don't think I'll be able to take all that, I feel stretched to the limit already," she said looking back at me over. Never had she thought there would be someone like Seth in her life. His humor, intelligence, compassion and vulnerability were just a few of the things that drew her to him. The love she felt for him brought a sense of completeness to her that also bound her to him forever.The whining of the saw cut through the air once more as he cut a board, then laid both pieces to the side. She saw him straighten to flex his shoulder and worried he might be overdoing it. He turned and spoke before she could. Her fingers slipped inside me briefly and easily. I was tight due to lack of use but extremely wet because of who was touching me. I had been chasing this fantasy for months, watching her hit on everyone in the bar but me. Seeing her sit on other guys laps and make out with women. Almost intentionally leaving me out to tease me. I couldn’t believe it was happening. I moaned again into her neck, trying not to bite into her as she flexed her fingers back towards herself. Pressing into my g-spot. Maine usse bola k fog h kuch nai dikhega, usne bola sbb dikh raha h. Mai b uski baat maan k wahi jameen be beth gaya. Mjhe bohot thand lag rahi thi and mai kamp raha tha, usne bola k wapis se mai apne lund pe thook laga k lund ko massage karu.Maine bola k abb tum nude ho tbb kuch karunga. Usne fir apna blanket turant gira diya. and uska blanket girte hi uske bade bade boobs k darshan hue. She was sex goddess. Usne apne choot me apni fingers daali hui thi.Usne bola h mai apne lund pe thook laga.

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