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"Let's dance," Jordan said pulling Angel up out of her chair and leading her out onto the dance floor. He could see the conversation was making her un...omfortable. When they reached the dance floor he put his arms around her and pulled her close.She held onto his warm body and leaned against him with her eyes closed, "My butt still hurts from last night," she said after they had been slow dancing for awhile.Jordan wanted to rub her bottom right then and there on the spot, but he knew it wasn't a. Uh well, maybe a little," he replied honestly, hoping that hewasn't blushing.Jacqueline smiled. "Don't be," she reassured him. "You said you'veworked in other retail jobs before, right?" Well ...yeah," Evan admitted. "But I mean, they weren't like this...." Oh, trust me...retail is retail," replied Jacqueline in a rueful tone."However, I will agree with you, and say that I like to hold our storeto somewhat of a higher standard," as her voice took on a measure ofpride."In any case, you have. Finally my face is inches from her pussy. Her smell was intoxicating. I grabbed both of her legs and put them on my shoulder then from her left knee, I started slowly kissing my way to her pussy. I'm rock hard at this point. I'm between the legs of the girl of my dreams. I wasn't sure if I was dreaming.The aroma of her pussy brought me back to the room. I gently kissed her lips and gave her clit a tease by blowing on it. I moved to the inside of her right leg and slowly made my way to her knee.. I got up and sat down on my bed. Very quickly he was down beside me eyeing my dick with lust in his eyes. He put his warm mouth on my cock and went further down this time than he had previously. He stroked my cock with his mouth, first fast and then slow. I was thinking, he really likes sucking my cock and then I thought, I like him sucking it too. He blew me about the same amount of time as before and then sat on the bed.I positioned myself next to him and quickly took his hard member into my.

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