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But then again, how crazy is this? I met this wonderful man on line, have spoken to him now for 2 months over the phone, I feel as if I have known him...my entire life but have not ever met him in person. Can I do this with him and not feel dirty about it? I asked myself this too, will I be a notch in this man’s belt? The answer was ‘no’. Simply put, I trusted him and I was falling in love with him. The next day when we spoke on the phone I told him I had thought about what he asked me. I had. After a few minutes of lingering my tongue over her inner thighs, I dove in and tasted her pussy. Carmen reached down and grabbed a handful of my hair to interlaced between her fingers. I payed no mind to what she was doing... I had a goal of my own. Bravely I slipped two fingers into her pussy! She grabbed a shirt that was laying on the floor and smashed it over her face to keep her sounds quiet. While I was enjoying my meal of freshly shaven pussy, she told me to get on top and turn. " Thanks, Caleb," Bran said, relieved someone else was taking responsibility for that aspect of the armor project. "Let me know if anyone else thinks of anything I should pick up at the store," he said before leaving.An hour later, Bran glanced at the grocery list that he had dropped on the passenger seat of his Ford Taurus. He shook his head in amazement."I shouldn't have let anyone know that I was going to the store," he grumbled aloud."You did say to let you know, if anyone wanted. "No way!!" I thought to myself as my heart began to beat out of my chest. I began to feel shaky and strange, so I pored myself a shot of tequila in hopes it would help. I took a deep breath and then heard giggling from upstairs, that made me take another shot. I didn't know what to do or what I was about to find, and I probably should have just left. But this was my house and I didn't feel right about abandoning my own home in fear of what temptations might lay ahead. So against my better.

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