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First off when spoken to by your masters you bow your head and look at the floor. Secondly the only two acceptable answers are 'Yes Mistress Cleo' or ...I don't understand Mistress Cleo.' Now is that clear?" Yes," Lisa forced out through clenched teeth. "Fine."Again the pain hit her, this time lasting for what seemed forever but was in reality only about two to three seconds."A bit of a slow learner aren't you, Little Bitch?" Cleo laughed. "Well it's your body. Just for your information, this. Rather that reprimand me for skipping class he had silently left, returning 5 minutes later with a copy of his favourite book and a promise that I could use the space whenever I needed it.I had spent longer than I cared to admit there, always buried in one book or another. My teachers had tried to complain about my absence from class, but I was a smart kid and a quick learner, so my grades hadn’t suffered, and they eventually backed off. I had learned later that my Aunt had stormed into the. Jen ran her hand down over Jo’s pussy, just barely parting the lips. She had been anticipating this for quite a while and was getting worked up herself. She was immediately turned on by it. She also noticed that Jo’s pussy was already starting to get wet. Jo moaned. She asked Jo to stand up and then went to the door and opened it. She looked around. “Matt, can you come in here for a sec to check out these bras?”Matt was there in two seconds, hoping that all three getting together meant that. Daniel was fucking my sister hard. We were moaning and groaning and screaming and then our door opened, and our father was standing at the door way."What the hell is going on? You all are related. You're having incest with each other. That is against the law! What are you kids doing?"Daddy, we're eighteen and Daniel is twenty-five. We're all adults, daddy." You could join us daddy. We know you want to fuck us daddy dear. We see you looking at us all the time." You're all my children. It just.

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