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It came as a surprise but the prosecution had called Melissa Thompson, presumably to further implicate Jonathan Thompson. It was a tearful performance...and one that was delivered to perfection. The prosecutor’s statements held nothing back.“So, Miss Thompson, when you both got into the backseat of the car, you then proceeded to engage in sexual activity… is that correct?”“Objection your honour, leading the witness,” cried the defence attorney.I remember last night leading you up the stairs, your. "That's perfectly understandable. There's plenty of grown-ups whofeel nervous about being in hospitals. Would you mind if I help you uponto the examining table so I can take a look at your ankle?" Umm, okay." Okay, here we go." As Doctor Chung lifted me from the chair andcarried me to the table, I did my best to keep my shoe from dripping onher long, white coat. After sitting me on the edge of the table, shepulled an handful of paper towels from a dispenser, rolled a stool overto my right side,. My panties started to get wet also.I whispered back… “I wanted to give them to you as a souvenir.” and I quickly shimmied out of them, and then stuffed them into his jacket pocket. He was pleased. His hand found my wet vag..This wetness was unbearable it was because of his scent, the way he moved his hands on me and in such a public place where we could have been caught very easily had one of the people sitting in front bothered to look back.“Wow”, I thought to myself, as he was fingering my. " She leaned forward. "I think he likes me." Don't let his wife hear that. She may not be much bigger than you, but I think she could take him, two out of three falls." Wife?" Yeah, he and Mark are both married. I'm surprised the women haven't shown up yet. I'm going to catch so much hell."I tried to move and I got another blast of pain."Stop that!" Sheri snapped. "You'll tear the stitches, even if you don't start internal bleeding again." How bad was it?" I asked."If the idiot on top of you.

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