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She also wondered just what the surprise was that Angela had told her about during her phone call. Had she bought some new toys or clothes? Angela had...her own accounts so that her husband never caught wind of her purchases. He had no idea of what a hot, kinky slut he was truly married to. The 38-year old brunette began climbing the stairs with Tracey close behind, watching her gorgeous buttocks bouncing. Tracey could smell the subtle scent of Jasmine wafting from Angela’s bedroom and from the. He felt hiscock hit the back wall ofher warm, wet pussy. He pulled outagain, very slowly. She wanted tobeg him to go faster, but before she could say anything he was pushinginto her again, and he started kissingher again. He used two fingers togently andslowly stroke her clit, and shestarted moaning, but nothing came out because he kept kissing her. Hecontinued to move his giant dick inand out of her cunt, very slowly. Heswallowed all of her moans ofpleasure into his kisses. He stoppedkissing. I was think 'Alright I hit paydy till thier hubbys get home.'We each came to the agreement that there would not be any emotiona attachment, and that the physical pleasures would be over when thier hubbys got home. I was alright with this. We also decided that Neither would fool around with me with out the other knowing when and where. I thought 'Yeah right.' but nodded in agreement. I was already thinking on how I would be able to make these two fine married women my personal fetish slaves.We. I am still virgin.I was on cloud nine after hearing the word virgin. Talks were getting more and more personal and all of sudden she kissed me. I tried stopped her but she was not ready to stop. She captured my mouth with hungry urgency. I started responding to her passionate kissing.While kissing I was moved my hands on her body feeling each and every curve, her slim waist, her soft boobs, her flat stomach. She was doing the same. Her one hand was on my thigh and moving slowly towards my lund..

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