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I could feel his hard cock pressing against my pussy as we kissed. I could feel my juices flowing from my pussy as our tongues met in our mouths. I co...ld not take feeling his cock against my pussy like that any longer. I placed my hands around his neck as I jumped up and wrapped my legs around his waist. I locked my long legs around him. We were still locked in a deep French style kiss until I broke it. Take me John, Please let me feel your cock in my pussy, I pleaded moaning. I had figured. . I ... I wanted to just let go, lose a little control with you."Tarra reached out and touched his arm. He put his hand over hers and indicated that she should continue. "I shouldn't have been able to release a stunstrobe without actively desiring to do so." Stunstrobe. I think I know what that means," James rubbed his forehead, "You can actually generate light? Not just change colors?" This was incredible. He wondered how she could generate such powerful light."Yes. It is part of the military. "Debbie stood up and moved behind me, massaging my shoulders as Bud reached around me to unhook my bra. As it fell to the floor, Debbie's hands came off my shoulders and moved around my body, to caress my breasts. Her hands felt like I was wearing a soft bra. My already hard nipples expanded again. Bud knelt on the floor to roll down my panties. As I stepped out of them, he leaned forward to lick my slit. Debbie pushed him away. "Go sit and watch, Bud. Mom and I have things to do." Debbie, no;. Renee’s cries of ecstasy and suffering turned to screams.Finally she screams out, “FUCK ME, please. FUCK ME!”The monster cock was removed, and then she was unhooked. She fell to her hands and knees, but her hands were still cuffed and the spreader bar was still attached to her ankles. The crowd gathered around her. Renee looked up and realized that she’d just cried out to everyone to fuck her, and that was now their intent.One large guy got in front of her and unzipped his pants as she felt.

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