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The girls knew they could walk all over Karen.“You shouldn’t talk like that at the kitchen table,” Karen said with an annoyed expression. It sel...om did any good for her to warn Betty about her behavior.“Watch your mouths at the kitchen table. We don’t want to offend your Aunt Karen and Tucker’s virgin ears,” Betty joked.Karen looked down at her plate in embarrassment as she often did when she and Tucker were the butt of jokes at the table. They were seen as fancy/city people because they were. Have you even been in one?” I responded, “Yea a few times.” She became a more interested in the conversation and asked, “Did you buy anything.” I said, “Well, nothing to exciting, a couple movies, that’s about it.” She simply said, “Oh” and seemed to be thinking about saying something for the next couple of minutes as we drove to her office but didn’t say anything.I pulled up behind her vehicle and she leaned over and gave me a kiss and said, “Thank you. I’ll meet you back at your place; I’ll. Baat kuch 4 mahine purani hai.ghar pe sirf hum dono hi the.aur hum dono hamesha se sari baaten share karte hai.hum kabhi kabhi thodi bahut sex related baaten bhi share karte the.ek din mere boyfriend ke baare mai baat kar rahe the tabhi baaton mai madhu boli “kar lo maze abhi tumhari umar mai,baad mai meri tarah halat ho jaani hai”.baat chalte chalte sex pe aa gayi.tabhi mujhe pata nahi kya hua.mujhse raha nahi gaya aur maine baat ched hi di.maine kaha “hum dono bhi to maze kar sakte hai” madhu. That's some good soup (that's what we called it) & I passed the pipe to her for her own hit,as she does I'm looking at the TV screen on room #2 as a CD & woman R getting kinky as the woman is blowing her Sissy Boi & fingering her ass cunt as I start to get turned on n sporting a boner as she says Mmmm..... How sexy it was watching them & says take it out sweetie n stroke it cause you know you want to. As I undress n stroke my cock in aww... Watching the couple she kneels in front of me & says.

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