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. designed to produce data she could then read with her eyes.Nobody said anything now, and the silence dragged on until it was broken by Lucy, whose e...es had indeed been rewarded with signs of guilt. The problem was that all four of them looked guilty, not just Mallory."Well?"The body language of all four of them caused the flickering flame of suspicion to burst into a roaring inferno. That part was just a reaction to what she was seeing, her own body responding unconsciously to the unspoken. Once there, I had no more time to waste. My nimble fingers had the button undone and the zipper down within a breath. As I slipped the pants over her hips I took another deep breath, filling that sense with the luscious musky scent freed from the denim confines. Working the pants down her legs, I leaned towards the vee of her panties. My nose seemed perfect to fit down in the slot. As she worked her legs-- freeing her ankles of their jeany chains--her thighs spread slightly. In the crotch, the. To cut it short I ended up telling her I loved to smoke weed and I wanted to get high and eat her cunt.One drink later, she was back in my room and I had pulled off her jeans to reveal plain cotton panties and a wet slit. It got much wetter as I tongue fucked her, allowing my slaver to run down to her arse crack. I lightly toyed her bud with my middle finger, just rubbing at first then inserting to the first knuckle. 'That's my bumhole.' She said. Well, duh. Haha.'Fucking right it is,' I. Finally I couldn't take it any more and shoved his hand down my pants, he teased me and kind of slid his fingers around. I ended up pushing him down onto the floor and continued letting him touch me while we made out. Finally he asked me if he could take my pants off (he knew I was a virgin) and I told him that I was ready. He laid me on my back and slowly slid off my skinny jeans, underneath I was wearing a basic black thong from Victoria's Secret. I remember that he kept eye contact with me.

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