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With all the squeezing and abuse her tits were getting, she was lactating very soon. I loved to sit and watch her being fucked, on top of one guy, his...cock in her cunt, another behind her slamming his big tool into her ass as a stream of milk poured out of one or both of her long dark nipples.The guys loved it!On a couple of occasions she got the guys to fill a glass with their cum, then shed squeeze her full breasts and add her milk to the cloudy contents, mix it all around with her fingers,. We had been on her bed in the apartment Marie shared with two friends in her later years of university. It was late at night. One friend was away, the other fast asleep. It was Marie’s first time so I had tried to be gentle.Dragging my attention back to the present, I entered Marie’s daughter. Since Holly had already told me she was no longer a virgin, I figured I did not have to be as careful as I had been with her mother. I drove my cock all the way in with a single thrust, then began fucking. Riding you like there was no tomorrow.......when she had enough, she would get off and ride it with her mouth. Repetitively, caressing your balls with her tongue, and biting the base of your cock with her teeth. Then licking the shaft, and riding you again and again, to the point of no return. She would repeat this process until all the veins in your cock bulge...and she knew when you were throbbing. When dots of cum would seep out the top of your slit, she would lick it and rub her hard erect. They are so spacious with a big bath and a big bed. Many mirrors on the walls and even in the ceiling give a view from different angles. Men are so easily aroused by visual cues!) Our ritual in the hotel is the following: I start running the water for a bubble bath. Then I sit on his lap and we French kiss, during which we slowly undress each other. We have our hands all over each other’s body. Jackets, necktie, shirt, blouse, shoes, skirt, socks, stockings, trousers, come off one after one in.

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