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We're s'posed ta lube her by lickin' on her, but Ah think y'all kin probably git away with a few pokes with a lubed up finger er two. It's a hell of a...way ta lose yer maidenhead, but there y'all have it. Do what y'all kin fer her. Got thet?" Dana nodded and walked over to take up station behind Beth. The cameras zoomed in on her face as her mouth disappeared between Beth's cheeks. Squawks of protest came from Beth, as Dana lightly penetrated her nether orifices with a lubricated finger and then. , I went n sat at my sit, and said sorry…n started looking outside window on roads avoiding her eyes., for half an hour we dint speek anything., but my mind was racining as how to start converstion with her, ….then I turned towards her she has closed her eyes., for the first time saw her so closely she was like dead to world I could see she had a beaufitul face, whitish colour which was gliting even in dim light, she had curly hairs at the corner which were going down till her back,light. He looked back up to see Star’s face contorting in pain. Tears streamed nonstop from her eyes.Leon glanced back at the other three men and grinned, “Jesuz, she thinks this hurts, wait till we get to numbers 5 and 6!”Slapping her hard on her exposed pussy a few times, he stood and asked Marcus, “So now what amigo…dildo number 2?”Marcus nodded and then added, “In a minute, but watch this!” as he began playing with the up and down buttons of the overhead winch and cable system. The men all watched. My free hand has replaced her mouth, both of my hands teasing your breasts. You reach for me with your other hand and cups my balls. She grins wickedly as she takes off her bikini top and throws it away; her bottoms quickly join her top. She sits on the edge of the tub and exposes her shaved pussy to us. She sits there a moment as we both stare at her. My lips find your ears, “What do you want to do with her, baby? Do you want her to lick your pussy? Do you want to lick hers?” You don’t answer,.

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