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Show me your hand”….just then, a tata safari came out from the mail alley to pull up into the parking slot nearby…she quickly kept something in ...y hand and asked me to keep it in my pocket at once….she started her car once again and drove out in a hurry….So much had happened in the previous one hour that i was struggling to get a hold on it….i peeped down a luscious busty cleavage several times, saw a sexy panty playing peek a boo, brushed my chest against the soft boobs of a lady, had up skirt. It took a couple of weeks or more after that before Toni was confident enough to go out dressed again. But in those days in between, the face that looked back from the mirror had become far more female looking. The second time was much better and Toni satisfied a middle-aged man with his/her mouth although at the end of that particular encounter Toni was unsure whether the man knew that he had just been blown by another male or not.As confidence grew, Toni ventured further afield because. " That won't be necessary Ray" said Ron, "It's of no value to us but it would be interesting to find out a bit more about this Cyril Metcalf fellow."When Ron and Ray went Jess and I got our heads together and formulated our plan for the store. Jenny arrived home from school and we told her of the events since we dropped her off at school. Jenny was all in favour of Jess and I taking control of the store, we told her she would also play a part in the decision making as she was a part owner.Our. He dropped my head back to the table, and walked around behind me, I was scared and started to really fight to get away, but I was tied in tight. I felt his cock slide up between my ass cheeks as he bent over and whispered into my ear that he was going to give me a fucking to remember. I think this scared me even more, I felt him at the opening of my battered pussy, and he started pushing it into me. It was so big, it felt like a watermelon was pushing into my cunt, deeper he pushed, I was.

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