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In Athens, she'd been gang-raped and left out in the sun to cook. Another roving gang found her, raped her repeatedly, then stood her up against a wal... and executed her, firing squad style. They left her corpse at the side of the road as a warning for others to stay away.It had taken her two days to recover from all the bullet wounds. After that, she was more wary and wasn't caught again. This new 'lifestyle', traveling and thieving during the day, then holing up at night when the Normals came. Scratching my way down your thighs and legs then back to your side, running my finger tips down your thighs and legs. "Mmmm..." Feeling so good as our breathing becomes heavier. Moving my hand over your leg, lifting it up and placing it over me, bringing it up as high as I can- opening you up. I slide in between yourlegs as our waists grind against each other. our breathing rapid as we grind our bodies together. My hands find their way back over your ass squeezing and pushing you into me. I. There was a blush on her face down to her shoulders. Her body was moist with sex sweat."I want to fuck," she whispered. "Oh, I want to fuck."Unable to speak because it was all so great, he led her to the sofa. She went down easily and gracefully, spreading her legs, as she smiled at him."I want it!" she crooned."Baby, so do I!" he cried. He slid right into her saddle. There was an awkward moment when his trembling hand couldn't fit his cock to her hole but she shifted to help. He drove his. He continued to trail the belt across her body until she relaxed again – then he withdrew it and waited. The first strike with the belt really hurt and she cried out, but he ignored her and continued to strike across both cheeks of her bottom until she was writhing on the bed, her bottom starting to glow. A tear appeared in the corner of her eye, but as his fingers smoothed her behind and reached between her legs to caress her clitoris she felt her body respond strongly. He pulled her.

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