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He pulls a small truck around and something about it, I want it. Himand dad talk price and dad says we will let you know. I get in the car anddad says...let him worry a while. I will call him in a couple days and makean offer and see. I understand, but I am also disappointed. We get home and dad says lets go to the church. I say I have topick up Luke from school at 5:30. Dad says well go ahead and I will makesome calls and find out about your classes. I head to the high school. Ipark in the lot. I looked up and watched her undress. In moments she was standing beside the bed in all her naked glory. The soft bedroom light outlined her thin body. Still a little too thin but beggars can't be choosy and I was not going to complain. She stood there and started to run her hands along her belly and caressed her small perky breast. Her hands moved along her narrow hips and around her buttocks. She slipped one hand along her abdomen and then slid it between her thighs. She gave her clitty a. Immediately she turned her to the other side, so I went back to that side.She started blushing and said, “Stop it, you idiot!” while hiding her face by looking at another side. And I stopped it. Then I told her, “I am sorry that I saw you like that. It was a coincidence. Still, I’m sorry.” She looked at me and said, “It wasn’t you on whom I’m angry.”I asked then whom? She replied, “I don’t know. Maybe Rachi saw that you saw me naked. Or maybe something else. I don’t know.” I replied, “Sorry. ”“That sounds good,” she admits. “But I’m a river otter.”“Close enough.”“Yeah, close enough,” she agrees.Luke climbs from the bed and find his shorts. His head isn’t pounding anymore, which is a start. “Let me call for someone to clean this up.”Candace goes and puts on her bathing suit, one that allows for her to chance without worry.“Wow,” the boy cries.“You like it?” she asks innocently. She twirls. “I bought it when we went shopping.”“I don’t know how you manage to buy things without me.

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