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So relaxed that I must have dropped off, the next thing I remember was hearing the front door open, loud voices and thuds. Jack and two of his friend... that I hadnt met before stormed into the living room, I jumped when they came in, my vision slightly blurred. I dont know if the disorientation was due to just waking up or the whiskey. The tallest of the two men looked fairly young, maybe early 20s. He was tall and thin with Black hair shaved almost to his head. His facial features were all. She was in her 40's at that point and she was healthy and still looking pretty good. One night she asked me to come to her bedroom just before bedtime, and when I walked in I got the surprise of my life. My mother was sitting there on the side of her bed, wearing only a see-through negligee, and I felt my cock instantly growing into firm hardness even though I realized that the woman I was looking at with her naked tits and dark nipples showing through her nightgown was my own mom. Fuck me,. " Ifollowed her back to the employee's locker room where she rummaged aroundin her locker and brought out a pair of tan shorts. "Change into these.You really don't need anything else when you're working in the kitchenand they'll be a lot cooler." I thought that was pretty nice of her tillI stripped down (with her standing there watching me) and pulled on theshorts. They were, like, a little on the small size and the stretchyfabric fit tightly to my body. Which wouldn't have been that much of. “What do you mean, you think I'm gonna tell you that I want nothing to do with you now? Just say 'I want nothing to do with incestuous kids.'? I mean what do you think is going to happen honestly?” I asked. “Something like that,” Jack replied. “Oh you kids, I love you no matter what. I really wish you two would have told me about this. I'm not gonna judge you, I want you two to be happy. If you two find true happiness with each other, then I support you. I’m a little offended that you both.

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