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.her apartment on campus, her studies, anything else... anything... else... but she felt her very soul grabbed hold of by his tongue and lips, wrenche... back from where she was trying to escape ... from that place of refuge to here... to now, to herself, to her nudity, to her nipple, to the thrilling sensations he was giving her. Oh God, she could not escape. But she feared to give in. He sucked and licked and nibbled and delighted the tender flesh of her breast and brought her reluctantly back.. Margarita blushed.With gestures, Carol asked the girl to follow her into the back of the house, to the master bedroom. "You stay here and keep an eye on Chrissie," she told me.That wasn't difficult. Chrissie knew me, and liked me, well enough, and she was at least past the age of peeing on me while I held her in my lap or bounced her on my knee.After almost a half-hour, Carol and Margarita emerged from the bedroom. The young girl had showered and a bit of Carol's makeup had been applied, and. Again, all he could do was thrash and babble like a girl while they continued their work. Still 5 other naked men, straddled metal triangular shaped poles their bare feet a foot off the floor, their arms tied above them. The apex of the poles dug into the crack of their asses and their body weight rested on their tormented balls. The poles were electrified and a naked torturess controlled how often and how much current flowed making the nude captives buck and writhe as current flowed over. " Yeah, I suppose she does. Tina is a lot of woman, and I don't mean just her size. She has a tremendous appetite for sex. How well I remember."Just then there was another knock at the door."I'll bet that's Tim," said Joel, as he started for the door, "He said he would be coming by. That's good, now Janie and I can tell our story just once and you both can hear it."As Joel pulled the door open Janie came back into the living room dressed in her favorite outfit, cut off jeans and a tight t-shirt.

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