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He yanked off my tank top and pushed me back down onto my back. His cock was rubbing against my clit, it felt so good, and I was so wet. I was being ...eased. I arched my back and uttered the word please. Slowly he pushed into me. The feeling was amazing. His cock was perfect and filled me, making me moan. Going in easily, he went as deep as he could. A few strokes like that, slow, deep, intense! Then, no mercy. I was being fucked like a savage, fast and hard. One arm was being held down, but. The sensations were so amazing. I didn’t care that I was blindfolded, half naked, on display and being fingered in public in a club.I sighed in disappointment as the finger went away, then half-screamed to feel the hard roundness of a toy probing between my labia, running up and down the sensitive skin between my entrance and my clit. I felt the toy pushing against my cunt entrance and I couldn’t believe what they were doing to me. I wanted to tell him to stop… But I was so needy, and the. Well that was easier said than done, it was dark, and the knots were tight.I told her to stay right there while I went back to the house for a flashlight and a sharp knife. I realized how stupid it was to tell her to stay right there as I walked away. I got the knife and flashlight along with one of my button shirts for her to wear. Then I thought better of that and hung it on the clothesline that my wife uses occasionally. I thought how nice it would be to see her naked for an extra minute or. I stopped outside her door."I wanted to tell you that was a hell of a thing you two did last night. Nobody got hurt and two bad guys went to jail. Well done." Is there a but coming?" I asked."No but, just a big pat on the back," she said. "Why the sling?" I did a little damage to my hand last night. Nothing a couple of aspirin and a day in a sling won't cure. If you would like to have me replaced, this is a no harm, no foul time to do it." I said it to give us all a way out."I couldn't, even if.

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