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An animalistic groan formed deep in my throat that greeted fingers curling between the moist petals of my flower, exposing the velvety heaven of my we..., fiery cunt. Fingers teased as they pushed inside. Feeding the ravenous thirst that now eagerly spilled from my throat. I wanted to put on a show for him. I wanted to please him. To savour the sight of his property at the centre of the orgy, at the mercy of the shadows that devoured and gorged upon me. My mind played wicked games as I fought to. "What about the amaretto sour?"The bartender was busy hashing something out with the beer vendor."You know how to make one?" he asked.Amanda pointed, "Shaker, add ice."He did as instructed."Lemon juice."He hunted through the plastic bottles in the chiller rack. "How much?" he asked.She showed him a measure with her fingers. "Okay, now a generous shot of amaretto. Cover and shake. Strain it into a lowball glass." You should be doing this," he grumbled as he shook the metal container."I put my. He called Benji over for collaboration. Benji padded over and thrust his mitt into her muff. "Oh, Shit!" he looked at me. "Boss, she is soaked." Dave pulled her up and walked her over to the counter. "Now, Missy, this is not fun-time. You asked to be punished and here you are, soaking my trousers. I see that we need to step things up a little. Bend over the counter." She was openly crying now as Dave told her to bend over and put her arms across the counter. He told me I'd probably have to hold. " She said quietly.I suddenly found I was warming to this feisty young girl and began to realise that life could be a little bit more interesting with this sex pot working with us.I laughed. "I'm sorry I did not want a technician and I just had a scrap with my boss about it, so please excuse me and explain the difference between the easy way and the hard way for me."She sat down again crossing her legs and looked at me with her light blue eyes which were like splinters of ice as she looked at.

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