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At quarter to five Steven rang back. "Miriam Cartwright will be waiting in the hall for you when you finish. She'll clock in with Reception. You are o...d friends. She will escort you back here calling in at your flat on the way to pick up your overnight things. Does that sound all right?" Yes, Uncle Steven. Thanks. Be seeing you."At twenty past five the receptionist stuck her head round Mary's door. "There's a Mrs Cartwright here for you, Mary. She said she'd wait in the lobby for you." Thanks,. Every time I stepped off the elevator I was always greeted with the sexiest “Hello or Good morning Mr. Robertson” this time though it was different. It was almost frantic. “Mr. Robertson, uhhh uhm uhhh.” “Mallory spit it out! What?!” I looked at her. She is terrified, I cant tell of what, but I think it is me. Which makes me laugh in the back of my mind. “Uhm there is some lady in your office. She insisted on seeing you, marched her way back to your office, and told me that you were an old. ” Ab to vidhi n ka bharat lal se aankh mila pana mushkil ho raha tha. Sasur ji ki baahon se apne aap ko chhura ke boli, “Mmmm…..Pita ji humen bahut neend aa rahi hai ab hum sone jaa rahe hain.” Vidhi n jaldi se apne kamre mein bhaag gayi. Vo soch rahi thi ki aaj doosri baar sasur ji ne moke ka poora phaayada uthaya aur vo kucchh na kar saki. Udhar bharat lal apne bister pe karwat badal raha tha. Vo bahu ke sone ka intzaar kar raha tha taaki bathroom mein ja ke uski kacchhi ko soongh ke uski. "And I know just the date for you." Her eyes sparkled as she put my toy into her pocket, and flicked some crumbs on her top, onto the floor. "I wonder if Annie is free tonight?" I was concerned by her gleeful grin and her sudden helpful demeanour but was ushered out of the small kitchen to "work" while Maisie set me up with her friend and made preparations for her moving in.The rules, as agreed, was that we would meet at the pub and then returned to her flat. While Maisie would retain the.

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