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.. then, dammit, she'd blown the whole thing, telling him she had to work. Damn, he knew it was a lie! What she needed was a drink.The ride home was b...ief and uneventful in reality, the fantasy side of her mind feasting off the events of the day. Oh, thank the Lord there were only twenty-four hours in a day! Perhaps a good night's sleep would quell that surging loneliness up there between her legs.After hanging up her coat, Ann made a bee-line for the liquor cabinet and mixed a martini. With. He picked up things more quickly than she thought he would"I'm sorry Jeff, I'm not allowed to tell you anything other than you have to figure that out on your own," she told him. Jeff already figured this was what she would tell him, but he didn't think it hurt anything to ask anyway. He didn't even consider using his abilities on her; he knew he needed to find other ways to deal with his problems, and he might not even be able to use them on her anyway. Jeff turned to Leandra, knowing he would. ‘Would you like to fuck your favourite Aunty’? Casting my eyes to my midriff I replied ‘Ehm … what do you think Aunt Rose’? She followed the line of my eyes to be greeted by the sight of my cock sticking up like a flagpole. ‘I’ll take that as a yes Bill. You stay right there sexy boy … Aunty Rose needs to answer a call of nature … you do what you have to do to keep that tent pole upright, Aunty won’t long’. Aunt Rose untangled herself from my embrace, stood up and headed off to the loo. I. Another hour passed, and i could tell she was drunk. I carried her to my room, even though she protested, and layed her down on my bed. I waited a while just thinking of things to do with this hot ass on my bed. She started gaining conciousness a little bit after a while, and was well aware she was about to be raped and their was nothing she could do. I took off my pants and shirt, and let my dick hang loose to tease Lauren a little. Then, I went over to her and straddled.

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