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I stared at a huge bulge pressing against his crotch and then I felt my pussy starting to tingle and getting moist…Victor had warned me he had still...one more hour to finish; so I decided that could be funny an innocent tease with that black man.I looked directly at his huge bulge and then the guy insisted:''Could I come inside…?''I did not even answer and just watched him sitting down at the backseat. He pulled down his jeans to his ankles, showing me a wonderful piece of black cock fully. But to see those muscles up close...While we made love I lay on my back and she supported herself on her arms. The drive of her hot, wet pussy was not a hip thrust movement. Her entire body undulated and I saw from only inches away how her shoulders, biceps and pecs worked together as she used her arms to force her way back onto my cock. When she drew forward until only the glans was in her, her breasts raked across my chest like hot coals. Those muscles shifted beneath her skin, drawing it. I'm kinda chubby, but at one hundred seventy five pounds, I still have a nice figure. My cock is average sized, and I wanna make love to my mom. My mom is forty one years old. She has blonde hair and like many women her age, she wears glasses. She also has a nice round, squishy looking ass. I believe her breasts are 34 or 36D but whatever their size, they are very nice. Like me, she's got some meat on her bones, but she isn't fat. I think she still has a very nice body. I've always had a very. She chugged down her own sweet concoction and smiled down at me. She then poured the liquid fire down my throat and as soon as I had drank the last of it, she leaned forward and said, “Here comes the chaser!” She then shoved her thick nipple into my burning mouth and throat and told me to suck. “Suck me, Bryan! You know you fucking want me!” were her exact words.The whiskey, the lack of oxygen due to her breast covering my mouth and nose all had my head spinning and I thought for a moment I was.

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