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I'm an attractive light skin, fit Hispanic. I live in a major city. That being said, my first ad got a lot of attention. I got a lot of replies, but s...rprisingly, out of all of the wonderful dick pics I was sent, I chose to reply only to a reply with a pic of a very built black guy wearing underwear. He did not even include his dick size in his stats. Dick size is what interested me since I just wanted a big cock in my mouth, but I was just attracted to this ad for some reason. He lived about. She packed their clothes except for what they would wear on the plane and then packed away the treasures she had bought while they were here. She picked up the bikini she had bought fingering the material while smiling, remembering her trip to the beach and the sex they had had right there in the ocean. She packed the swimsuit away and then picked up the mementos Master had bought for her when they went to Disneyland. She especially loved her huge Mickey Mouse stuffed toy, she even slept with. I didn’t need any more encouragement and soon we climbed into bed. She pushed me onto my back and then straddled my hips.I looked up at her pert breasts hanging just inches from my face and said, “I love you.”“I know,” she answered. She put her soft hands on my chest and pushed her groin forward against my growing erection. “I’m a very lucky girl,” she added moving her hips back and forth a few times.Her pussy felt hot and wet against my now hard pole and she lifted her hips enough to let it. I was blown away by the way she was dressed. She had a low cut dress on that I've never seen and was wearing lipstick which she never wears. She knocked on the door and when she went in I jumped out and ran into the back yard. I was sure I would be bit by a dog or shot but there wasn't a fence and the bushes around the house were overgrown so I crawled under one and looked into the window. What I saw was something unexpected. My wife, who has always been a "take charge" kind of women was.

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