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There had been one hell of an accident. The entire docking section of their ship was blown out into space all the way from the core outward. The ship ...as crippled. Their cryogenic gas dewars had been damaged. They were getting low on air and they were calling for rescue. Earth had nothing of the scale required or that could make it to the outer belt in time. Every great mining ship in the system immediately set course for their last known position. It was a frantic race to dig down to the. . she had already handled Captain Happy once, hadn't she?Yes, she would take a bath. It was exactly what she needed. Still a little high and light-headed from the scotch, Prudence undressed quickly, dropping her suit and blouse all down over her shapely hips and stepping out of the fallen clothing without even bothering to pick it up. How fortunate that she had a few things kept out of the trunk for riding with. She moved toward a tall mirror that stood on an ornate stand by the dressing table. And to make matters he didn't wear a condom!Once again he seems to read her mind and says, "No condoms, not today and not ever."Then he allows her to leave with a final instruction, "I know more about you than you think, so in order to humiliate you, do this. I want a complete sexual history from you. I want names, times, settings, cock sizes and I want it in the words of a slut. I will file each encounter and at a later date will interrogate you about them. Now what did I tell you about. They came inside the car and we moved from there. Neha introduced me her bestie Huma, they live together in one room. Huma is from Pakistan. I said hi to Huma, she just said hi. After I met Huma my mind got blanked. She looks so gorgeous. So I don’t know where to go, so I asked neha suggest me someplace to sit. She suggested to go for a long drive. I said ok and we started our journey. Neha was sitting infront and Huma was in the back. I want to see her beautiful face once again but can’t turn.

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