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’ ‘Yes…’ The drugs were giving her a warm, leaden feeling, she couldn’t move very well but she was still aware. I massaged her shoulders, le...ning down to whisper in her ear. ‘You’ve been a nasty-hearted bitch, and I’m going to cure you of that.’ ‘I’m…not a….bitch,’ she said with great effort. ‘Oh yes you are. You left your friend stranded at the mall. She was worried sick about you, and you showed up so late it’s a wonder the girl hadn’t already left.’ ‘I…was just…playing…she’s a…’ ‘She’s a. Pewter flagons of ale, together with mead in stone jugs, provided the liquid refreshment. Chairs had been replaced with wooden benches, a cheerful log fire burned in the open hearth, everything looking cosy and homely. The assembled company was called to order. ‘Martin is to be the Saxon Lord for the afternoon, and Delia his Lady,’ Julie announced. ‘Pay homage, serfs!’ And the remaining guests bowed and scraped. Martin was the Marketing Director for an international food company. At thirty-two. She never swallowed. We only did anal sex once before she told me that that hole was OUT ONLY! We had been married about five years when I talked her into letting me invite another swinging couple over to spend the evening with us. We swung occasionally for a couple years and even joined a swingers club that we went to a few times. One time I watched her go off with three guys. I wish I could have watched but I was off to another room with a lady beside me. Admittedly, my mind was more on what. Monday night I called her and we talked for over an hour about who all I knew that went to her school and how we had never met. She had a boyfriend all through school and never partied or hung out much with other people. We talked every night that week about everything. I talked a big game, like I had had sex before, but it had been a few months since the last. She asked me how I managed to go that long. I said well my hand was getting plenty of action. She gave herself an orgasm one night we.

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