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Even Brenda seemed to be fascinated with this part of my story. "So then Rickie and the gang saw us, and..." Brenda moaned something about never showi...g her face in public again."Brenda, I'm not gay. And even if I was, it shouldn't bother you, 'cause Fergus said that Karen, who's been your friend like forever, is gay, and you've known it and don't seem to care." Mom and Dad gave her a "Really?" look, and then I remembered Brenda had been to several sleep-overs at Karen's over the last year.I. The plane landed and we set off to follow our individual destinies.As soon as I left the airport, the Bangkok air enveloped me. It was hot and humid. I started sweating immediately. The air smelled of unknown plant life, auto exhaust, Thai spices and elements I could not identify. It would take me a while before I adjusted to my new home.I bought a condo and settled into my new life. The next several months were a haze of bars and women. Each promised to love me long time as long as I bought. "It's not a big deal." If it's not a big deal, then you do it," I said. He shrugged andgot up, going to the box. He dug around until he came up with anotherbra, a little nicer than the one I was holding: pink lace and pinksatin. He held it up and then slipped his arms through the straps,holding it against his chest, over his shirt. He tried to reacharound back to close it, but couldn't, so he stood there with theback trailing off. "See? No big deal."I did the same, but it was tighter because I. Never!" The whipping went on and on. Each girl intent as she accepted the cane. The female vulva staring up in mute appeal, the skin around it scarlet, turning purple.Suddeny it stopped. "May we tie her, master?" Is she not ideal as she is?" They nodded, eyes aflame. "Thank you, master. Do you wish to watch?"I did not wish to watch. This was a female thing."Don't leave me alone with them. master, oh, please...!" I went away. I looked back only once. Dorinda's mouth was buried deep within the.

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