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Our exchange was cut short by Mrs. King rising from her seat to give us the days assignment."Class, today we'll begin our unit on William Shakespeare'... 'A Midsummer Night's Dream': a tale of multiple lovers being magically, and undeniably drawn to each other. Before we begin, I'll be placing you in groups of four," the aged teacher explained. She proceeded to draw our names from a hat to determine our groups. "Group one will be... Eileen... Kyle (the redhead)... And Malcolm."My heart skipped a. It would be his if he cleared it, lived on it, and farmed it. That was the reason that he moved us from north of Albany to that place.There were eight of us when we left Lake George in the spring of 1803 but Grandpa died along the trail and little Eddie died soon after arriving here. That left Mom and Dad, Billie and Sadie, and Carly and I. We were able to get a log cabin built before winter, a supply of firewood stacked close by, and plenty of meat preserved. We were better off than most.Our. Ostensibly to move me out of the way, she banged her ass into me and landed perfectly on either side of my still raging hard-on. There was just no way she could have not felt it. But she acted as if nothing was amiss, so I pretended to smile, and quickly exited the room. I got in Rach’s jeep (a 16th b-day present) and tried to arrange myself. Now I’m just telling it like it is; my dick as of a week before was 7 ½ inches (I know, because...yes I measured) and very thick (my hands were just big. We decided to take the boat along the canal for a while, so we started the motor, untied the ropes and set off at the usual slow pace along the waterway. We eventually camr to a lovely pub alongside a lock, and after deciding to have a drink, found a spot to moor, and tied the boat up. The pub was quiet so we had a nice drink before going back onboard the boat. After closing the hatch, we started kissing, our hands exploring each other, both getting excited. We made our way through the curtain.

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