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His grades and lack of attention to his homework had resulted inhis mother coming up with the idea that required him to dress like agirl till his home...ork was done. No exceptions were tolerated.He would be allowed to go back to normal if he finished the semesterwith a strong showing.The pressure of his grandmother coming over made it difficult to do hishomework. When he finished his homework he walked to the living room topresent it to his mother for review."What pretty dress you have on little. Suddenly, thetape changed."Kim, I have been observing you. I am observing you now. Youhave done well. You have put your magnificent on full publicdisplay. Your lessons in obedience will continue. Now you willleave the exhibit. Before you leave, you will drop your purse inthe gift shop and squat down to pick it up. You will face the exitof the exhibit as you do, and will part your legs slightly as youpick up the purse. Your pussy will be on full view to whomevercomes out of the exhibit at the. "Kyle, I feel badly you've not had sex in so long. If you want to feel my breasts, that's OK.I did. they were wonderful."Kyle, I really hate housecleaning. Can we make another arrangement. How about a massage?" Great", I exclaimed. We went to my bedroom, I pulled the comforter off, laid face down. She began massaging my ass first.Her strokes were firm. She worked her way up my back, then massaged my head. She went to my legs, then told me to turn over.She massaged my front, starting at my. "Not as big as you Uncle," I giggled and wiggle my bum on his hard cock."Stop that you little tease," he laughed."I'm not a tease Uncle," I said, holding eye contact."You're not ah," he smiled at me, his hand moved up from my waist and cupped my right breast."There, I told you I didn't tease Uncle," I said pushing my top out a little more."Yeah that's right Tess," he laughed and continued to squeeze me gently."So how old are you anyway?" he asked, his hand working back and forward from left to.

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