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“Tom look.” He held his hat out for Tom to look inside at the label.“This is the same as the sign on the side of the wagon, it’s the man that ...akes the hats the brothers and me bought yesterday,” Cal was excited.“I sure would like to meet him and I know the brothers would too, I wonder if he really is the one that makes the hats the Eagle Boy wears? You reckon he knows the Eagle Boy first hand? Tom did you ever meet the Eagle Boy when you lived up there in the Dakotas, that’s where he’s from, I. Please bring the Princess Zubeydeh with you, Master, she will be of inestimable use as a source of trustworthy information for you." The Princess Zubeydeh?" asked David, not recognising the name."The Princess Zubeydeh, your mother — she knows Kobekistan which will be useful for you," came the response."She may not want to come, and her husband may not want to let her," David pointed out."Order her to come and she will come, of course. If the husband objects, either buy her or have him. Steve reread the letter. He thought about what was in it. He remembered an aunt that he had on his father's side with whom his mother had kept in touch from time to time over the years. Steve had not seen or spoken with her in years, and wasn't even sure where she might be or if she was even alive. His mother had given him her old photo albums and a few letters she had kept over the years, including several from his Aunt Peggy. Steve had kept them at Kathy's house when he went to Mexico, and. ” Jack wasn’t even trying to hide her devious expression.Lace looked to Will, who was looking at Jack with trepidation and exasperation. Then she looked back to Jack and shook her head. “Not my story to tell. You bargain with him for that.” Will looked relieved.Jack shrugged. “Worth a shot. How about a favor? Sometime later.”Lace’s brows went up. “I get right of refusal,” she said firmly.“Done,” Jack smiled, offering her hand. The two women shook and Jack stood up. “Come on, let’s go get you.

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