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I disrobed and joined her on the bed too. She immediately took my cock into her mouth. She was pretty decent at sucking cock. I fingered her as she di.... She then pushed me back and crawled on top of me and pulled her panties to the side. She lowered herself down onto me and I sank in deep. She felt great. She was amazing to watch ride me. She rode me for a while, then asked me to do her from behind. I got behind her and reached for a small bottle of lube by the bed. I lubed up my cock and tried. NOTE: If you'd like to begin your own entire story based on my opening premise and start your own branch #2 feel free. I will be opening this to un-regulated additions as soon as I've moved the plot along a bit further so everyone can get a general idea of the world it's set in and other author's can take advantage. If you'd like to start now, feel free to message me and I can give you admin rights to it))Many centuries ago, the Goddess Symphona, Lady of the Rose, Purity, and Light, died under. I was hoping this moment never came. ‘No, sorry.’ What the fuck had I just done? ‘Oh.’ She looked crestfallen. Had I really just blown it? ‘Here’s the thing,’ I tried to backtrack. This wasn’t going to end well, seeing as all the girls and lads in the office knew I was practically in love with her. ‘You are literally the most wonderful person I know and I value your friendship more than you will ever know. You’re absolutely stunning, the sexiest woman I know, but you just don’t do it for me.’. I Noticed and asked her was she ok. Joyce replied ‘ I knew i should’nt of had that last glass of wine’ ‘Its gone straight through me’ ‘ I really need to pee’ We were only half way throught the journey. There was no way we would make it home. I started to look for somewhere to stop. But in front of me it seemed like endless fields with no shelter. As we went on she started to moan, and hold her crotch. She was worried about making a wet stain on her red skirt. She proceed to lift her ass off the.

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