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It would be pointless and vain to pretend that their encounter was a one-night stand. This young African man was her perfect match, the man who brough... her to such sublime sensations. She could not waste what Destiny had brought her. 'What a wonderful time is ahead of me,' she thought. 'My sexual happiness and joy are in my own hands at last. I have the right to be happy, and I choose that right.' She stopped devouring Mobu’s tongue and stared him right in his eyes.“My African stallion,” she. It was almost a growl. Somehow she foundherself in the room with the pregnant woman again and tied to one of the horses.This one had a dildo and a butt plug on its saddle. Both went into her as shewas forced to sit. The lubrication coming off her cunt helped. Before she knewit she was cinched into place. And she continued to drip and wail. Suddenly he grabbed her face and kissed both lips fiercely. "Just think,two more days." Her eyes blurred with tears. It took a while for them to clear. When. I lose it again, squirting my juices onto his hand, arm and pants. Whatever fear I have had has left me as I am being violated by this man. I am enjoying this. He drops to his knees in front of me and begins to suck on my clit, like a mini penis, taking the whole thing into his mouth and then teasing the tip. He licks the full length of my clit, circling it's head and lapping at me for what seemed like foever. As he brought me to another orgasm I begin to see stars. My "attacker" is sensitive. The warm evening continued and eventually, I had my arms around her waist and she did not stop me from letting me feel her body. We kept rubbing against each other and consistently had our hands interlocked. I love a woman’s neck and I couldn’t resist placing soft but sensual kisses on her nape. She really was getting turned on by now. I directed her hand onto my now prominent bulge which she started to smile and lick her lips.I offered to get her a drink at the bar and she gladly accepted,.

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