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Not at all like the threatening witch she had envisioned.“What the fuck do you want with me? Where the fuck is Cara? What have you done with her?”...��Oh Amber, darling, so full of questions.” She trailed the back of her cold hand across Amber’s cheek. Amber flinched and turned away. “I’m certain Cain has given you a history lesson,” she hissed.“Fuck you!” Amber snarled.Gail answered with a throaty cackle. “In time. For now, Cara has given me what I needed. But you, I have proper plans for you. I. Arnav laughed at it and said confidently that the judges would love this.He was there the last year too and had seen many dancers literally strip in the dance. He convinced me that it would be sexy and not vulgar. He said that I had a figure to die for and that my expressions were so graceful that people would just fall for our moves.Arnav was a smooth talker. I felt very comfortable with him and did not realize that I met him just a few hours before. We started dancing. Arnav did his song. His mind was becoming confused with several conflicting thoughts. If he were still single, he would probably have made a pass at Tina. The more he thought about what had happened, the more he was convinced that he had done just that. He had made a pass at her, though it had been a very mild and clumsy pass. And he hadn't wanted to do that anyway."Jesus," he said out loud as it suddenly dawned on him that it was colder than a witch's tit. Skating around the rink had made him work up one hell of. Suddenly the door opened and one of the guys that had booked us was standing there, we must have looked a sight, me playing with his rock hard cock and him pulling at my nipples through my leotard. He seemed a bit embarrassed and said we had two minutes, i giggled and he left, Mark was now starting to panic as his cock would not go down so i told him to look away from me for a bit.This seemed to work although he had quite a bulge in his trunks, and we were lead out to a concert hall. Marked.

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