"Terrific," he said, gritting his teeth and ejaculating. "I'll get some more of these next week." And he jerked and came twice more in the writhing gi...l, overfilling the latex tube as he pistoned into it. His young sister owned, by far, the tightest cunt he had sampled."Maybe we ought to buy them by the dozen," his sister sighed after he had fallen down beside her and his limp cock had slipped from her satisfied slit, trailing his leaking semen across her thigh like a slug's slimy path."Um," he. I stretch my arms to the sun and dive in, letting the cool water cleanse my dirty soul. I come up for air and spy a stranger starring from across the pool. He is sitting in a reclining patio chair, his silver fox wet hair glistens in the sun. His long tan sinewy arms are folded above his head. I let my eyes follow his body down, down his hairy chest to the happy trail disappearing behind the fabric of his swim shorts. And his body goes on for days. Those thick muscly thighs, down to his tanned. Without thinking or caring I grabbed it by the blade and pulled it back out. Both guards tried to slowly shrink away from me at this; one of them even asking, "What are you?" with no small amount of fear in his voice.I looked down at my arm, more curious than anything, and saw that the wound had already closed and a scar had taken its place.Still driven by the wonderful, numbing rage, I stopped thinking and fought everything and every one I found until there was no one left.Eventually, I came. She needed him as much as Jon’s cock was ready for her. Lucy raked Jon’s hair back across his head and kissed him on the lips as Nancy found his pumping rod. The pre-cum was now oozing from the slit of his penis. He groaned as Nancy guided his length into her hot, wet snatch. She began to ride him as she pushed her breasts into his face, smothering him as she rode him. She wanted to take him to the very edge of pleasure. Jon’s days of fantasizing over Miss Spencer were over. His dreams had.

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