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I started fucking her rapidly as Tracey squatted beside us and on my out stroke occasionally licked my cock. I quickly exploded, screaming which attra...ted the attention of the other two couples who by now were standing behind me. I held onto Cindy's hips as I emptied my spunk into her, experiencing the most intense orgasm I had had in probably a decade. When I finally stopped I gradually started to pull out of Cindy. To my surprise Tracey positioned herself right beside Cindy's ass all and the. "Guess who's getting a bath tonight!"Princess was on her best behavior even though she was prancing like a show horse. That girl is so proud it's infectious. Here I was with my redheaded girlfriend in my arms as we rode double through the woods.Candace really did want to talk. Well, she's a bit of a motor mouth anyway, so that wasn't unusual, but she didn't seem to have any designs on making out or anything. She'd received her acceptance letter from the University of Indianapolis. She had some. She continued to play on the phone while I started moving my hand inside her pink top from her waist. She didn’t resist but I think it was tickling her because she was giggling a bit. I reached up to her bra and held one of her boobs like I was holding a ball. Her face expression got intense but she was still trying to focus on the game. While groping her breast I moved my fingers over her bra to find her nipple, which I found very soon. I started making circles around her nipple. I could feel. .I think I have cum on my hair.." I said."Sure!" he said walking to me to the bathroom.Later on, after lunch, I laid on the grass of the backyard looking to the skies, I always did that to wind off and relax, and of course, I was wearing my shorts, Then Aky came on his small shorts lying next to me so I started a conversation..."Say...ever wanted to do something like this to anyone you know?Like...besides me.." I asked."Hum...yeah...but won't tell mom, dad or your friends right?" he asked a.

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