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Okay. I’ll see you at six. Or whatever time you come. I better go. I’m lettin’ all your heat get out. See you tonight.”“All right, tonight, ...ix or before. Bye.”Ariel closed the door and leaned against it, smiling.The afternoon crept by and he couldn’t work up any interest in picking up a paintbrush. He didn’t want to go too early. In his book, that was as rude as being late.With the overcast of the clouds, the day was coming to an early end when Ariel tapped on Thor’s door. Thor opened it,. Adrian then had her turn over and reattached her to the bed. He poured oil over her body and started on her shoulders massaging her while he now was straddling her to the point his cock was pressing against her waiting pussy. As he slowly moved down to her breast, he rubbed over her breast and lightly pinched the nipples making her gasp as the pain yet pleasure she found from it.After he has finished massaging her breast, he lightly licked them and then bit the nipples enough to make it. Skylar and Kevin started stripping until they were butt naked. Carli’s eyes got big around as she watched them climb up the stairs and then down into the bubbling water.“They’re naked!” Carli said to me.“Yeah, no clothes allowed in the tub,” I told her like it was nothing, “Gums up the pump with fibers or something.”“Well, they certainly aren’t shy.”“No reason to be,” I replied, “We are all family or almost.”“What’s almost?”“I think Sky and Kevin will be getting married one of these days.”“Oh. It won’t taste the best, but it’s got all the nutrients you might need and the synthmeal bars expand in your stomach to keep you full. I forgot to mention this, but please don’t smoke in the ship, it plays hell with the air scrubbers and could potentially start a fire.”Helen nodded and smiled beautifully. “Neither of us smokes anything, but I must admit, I’m not going to enjoy replicated food.” When he shrugged, she continued on, “I might have some instant meals left if you have the ability to.

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