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She slid her lips up and down the shaft, using her tongue to thoroughly map it's surface.She used her hands to follow her lips, gripping the shaft fir...ly, and corkscrewing slightly to add emphasis to each stroke. She was not teasing anymore, she wanted to drive him to cum, make him explode.Archie could not take the assault, the switch from slow tease to full on go for the goal had him fighting hard to keep his cum back. He wanted this to go on, but she was too good, his balls were tingling and. Her toes & finger nails painted in different colours on each occasion. After fantasising for about a year but not expecting to see anything more, I took a peek on a rather warm night and was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Although she was lying on the couch watching TV as usual her robe was open exposing her private parts!! Her large white breasts were completely uncovered allowing me to examine them comprehensively, their sizeable shape, the prominent blue veins, the purple stretch marks,. ” It was turning me on and he knew it. He surprised me when his finger suddenly entered me. Dan was finger fucking my pussy. He whispered in my ear, “I want to lick your pussy”. “Dan no, you can’t”. No sooner had I said it then I heard my husband’s footsteps. “He’s coming.” I pushed Dan away from me and quickly re-adjusted my bra and clothes. Dan grabbed a beer from the refrigerator and walked back to the living room. I began running the water and doing the dishes. My husband was already. He got the message and climbed aboard. He rode me hard and after we had both climaxed he told me why he and Stan's brothers had been there. Stan had ordered a new 23 cubic foot chest style freezer and he had asked his dad to move the old one out of the basement before the new one was delivered. Roger had used the key we had given him so he could watch the place when Stan and I were on vacations to let the three of them in. While he was telling me that I was fondling him and he started to come.

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