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Clare and I walked Dave and Susan to the front door and we said our goodbyes. Clare hugged Susan as I shook hands with Dave, and then we swapped and ...lare hugged Dave as I hugged Susan. It was as if nothing unusual had happened and it was just a normal end to a normal night. We opened the front door and waved goodbye to our friends. Just as she was about to get in the taxi, Susan ran back to Clare and I and whispered that maybe next time they’ll stay the night and then gave us a little. While wavering around I touched the door which swung open a bit and made a quiet creak. My heart stood still and I stood there frozen. He seemed to have not heard anything, but my mother opened her eyes and moved her head slowly in my direction. As she saw me I thought she would jump up and scream. But she just smiled at me and closed her eyes again while starting to moan even louder.I knew it was time to go but I just stood there and kept on masturbating. Now that the door was further open I. ’ ‘We hauled Roger back to civilization, took him to Ginger’s house and Simply and Endlessly met us there. Of course we left Roger in the cage because we didn’t totally trust him. After all, he is a man. Well, partly man, we think. No one will know for sure unless an autopsy is completed, which we threatened Roger with if he wasn’t a good boy. ‘Now, knowing Ginger, Simply and Endlessly like we do, we were a little concerned Roger’s libido might not be up to the challenge. So we helped his. Ohh I shivered and was getting horny. He just dropped my bra and held my boobs from behind pressing my nipples. Ahhhh I moaned, that gave him a signal and he quickly removed his t shirt and shorts. I turned and we were smooching like mad. His hands were cupping my boobs and I slide my hands in his undies. Ohh I could feel his long rod inside. I knelt down, pulled his undies on the floor and held his dick in my hand. Just then I started sucking it, taking it fully inside. he moaned ahhhhh Sonia,.

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