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Love you.'She continued, 'anyway, I am just waiting for the others to arrive, when I told Becky I would not be going out tonight she called the others...so that I would not be left alone, they still worry about me.''They are true friends, just don't spend too much time talking about me, I don't want to spend our next meeting trying to live up to four beautiful lovers expectations when I was not even there, ' he laughed.'You goofball, of course we will talk about you, all night probably. Four. I had no idea sex could feel so good. Why hadn’t I ever done this before? Of course, the obvious answer was I’d never had the opportunity to fuck anything but my fist before. Now here we were, me in my T-shirt and Reeboks, and him in his brogans, dress shirt and tie, my cock shoved up his ass.Even though I’d never fucked before, nature tells you what to do, and I did it. I was pounding away, but it didn’t take me long to cum. I’m surprised I hadn’t shot my wad the moment he’d put his mouth on. I heard my wife moan on screen saying fill my ass. Then the other guy came out and climbed on top of her. He slid into her pussy. My wife was getting DP’d by these two. They all started rocking back and forth fucking her. The guy on top started to choke her while fucking her. That’s when she started to shake for her first orgasm.By this time, he had my shorts down again and my cock out. His friend was sitting next to me focused on my cock while he started to stroke his own. I was thinking to. Aunt name is Veena and her son’s name is Jay. The aunt and her son alone stays in the house for most of the time. One day the aunt happened to go to a relative home and happened to night stay there. So she left her 8 yrs old son in our home to take care of him. We gave him food and my mom said him to sleep in my room along with me. He lied beside me on my bed as I gave him space. He seem not to sleep for half an hour. I asked him why he is not getting sleep. He said that he is missing his mom..

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